Thank you Negativland / Over The Edge!

Paying attention to episodes of the KPFA Program "Over The Edge" has turned me on to audio or musical gems. Thank goodness there are playlists published. But that begins the detective work. And some tasty things I hear don't seem to be listed in the playlists. When I copy the artist, track, and album information into a search engine, sometimes I get good leads on You Tube. Amazon, Discogs, and Bandcamp websites sometimes help also.

Over The Edge: Sept 7/8, 2023

The theme of the show seems to be "Dreams" with focus on lucid dreams. Seems to be a KROB show. Playlist is available here.

Notes while listening:
0:02:30 Luc Ferrari Tu m'├ęcoutes
0:08:30 Simon Rady Choir "Dream" beautiful music 0:15:15 David Shea Dramarama starts underneath (portion)
0:19 Dune ? audio about spice and dreams
0:22 plus/minus Andrea Parker, Daphne Oram, Daz Quayle Frightened of Myself (extract)
0:43 Boris Karloff "Nightmare" of Bell Prison and John Day
0:50:45 Ambrose And His Orchestra Whistling in the Dark (portion) with other audio on top
0:52 What is this?
0:57 snippet of Vangelis 12 O'clock
0:59 under Call letters it's Sound Providers It's Gonna Bee
1:00:00 Amon Tobin All Things Burn starts
1:04 (I think) Kamil Jalilov Mugam starts
1:05:45 Joni Mitchell I's a Muggin' (very short)
1:06 Dewdrop Delay Four
1:09:30 weird "Twin Peaks" like dialogue
1:12:15 Gherasim Luca Son corps l├ęger
1:16:00 (probably) Howard Shore Drawing Hugo (For Your Consideration)

1:29:30 Lisa Gerrard Sleep The Black Opal

1:51:45 KROB SF
1:51:55 Hotei Milk Bar A.M. 3:00
1:53:20 Robert Forster 3am (song) (not on the KPFA playlist)

Hour 2 to 3 bumper PSAs include:
Mr. Scruff Cheeky Keep It Unreal
Santana Europa (Earth's Cry, Heaven's Smile) Les Indispensables

2:00:00 (extract) Klaus Schulze,Pete Namlook,Bill Laswell Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn, Pt. 3

2:46:28 Laurie Anderson snippit under other audio (ends with applause)
2:48:00 Yes (extract- I Get Up I Get Down and Seasons of Man) begins with some effects (not sure of source for this specific version)
end of show

Over The Edge: May 13/14, 2021

I can't detect a theme for this show but the show and the playlist are available here.

Highlights for me include:
:15 through :17 has DJ Spooky "The Terran Invasion Of Alpha Centauri Year 2794" from the album "Songs Of A Dead Dreamer" as background behind other odd dialogue. YouTube link to the piece.
In the playlist is a listing for a piece where I didn't really find or recognize from within the program but I'll tell you that searching for it on the web has caused me to order the cd. It is Material/William S. Burroughs "The Western Lands" from "The Road To The Western Lands". I listened to it on Amazon. Several other pieces and remixes on the album sound good to me.
:37 through :42 has Tortoise "Blue Station" from the album "A Lazarus Taxon" as background behind other odd dialogue. Bandcamp link to the piece. Gentle, tonic, guitar and atmosphere.
1:17 > 1:22 Daft Punk's "Nocturne" from TRON soundtrack is pretty good.
2:51 > 2:57 (This is unattributed on the playlist.) Tom Jones's rendition of Todd Snider's song "Talking Reality Television Blues". Clearly, it's a Radiohead-esque guitar and rhythym--but I love it. In fact, it's probably the guitar and rhythym that I like the best about this song. Google both versions and you can find them on YouTube.

Over The Edge: August 26/27, 2021

I don't recall the theme for this show but the show and the playlist are available here.

Highlights for me include:
In the third hour (x:xx to y:yy) is the piece "Fireworks" by International Peoples Gang on the disc "Action Painting". This disk was a real good find. Tracks 1,2,7, and 12 are quite good. Youtube Fireworks,This One,Stretch, and Granny Takes a Trip. I will be exploring more of their catalog.

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