Ollie F.  ("Frank") Cook, TSgt, USAF, 1947-1968, (Retired) recalls:

"I was stationed there from Dec 1949 to Jun 1954. I was in
the 3500 PTW at Barksdale AFB, La and was sent to Aircraft & Engine school at Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls. While I was in school the Wing moved to "Lubbock AFB". In fact, when I graduated from school, due to being on DS (Detached Service) orders, I had to return to Barksdale and have them cut new orders assigning me to "Lubbock AFB". So I got to "Reese" (name changed Nov 1949) the first part of Dec 1949. At that time we had B-25's and T-6's for training pilots in the USAF Advanced Multi-Engine Pilot School. I started flying as an engineer on the B-25's and continued until the latter part of 1953."

Andy (Andrew McElwee, MSgt, USAF (Ret) was in Maintenance at Reese and was presented the 82-08 class patch as a gift.  He sent along the scan to help the site.

Lt.Col John D. Williams (Ret) wrote:

"I was in UPT Class 73-02 at Reese AFB (1971-1972) ..  After Reese I went the standard water survival/land survival route and then went to C-141 upgrade at Altus AFB. For the remainder of my active duty tour I was assigned to the 63rd MAW/53rd MAS at Norton AFB in San Bernardino, CA. We flew mostly Southeast Asia missions and I hauled a lot of junk over and people back. We had the west coast strategic airdrop mission and I split my time between going to SEA and doing drop missions in the states. When I got some seniority in the squadron I and SEA went to the bag guys, I started flying mostly Australia missions. I stayed on active duty for 5 1/2 years.   I got back into the reserves and went with AFOSI as it fit in with my civilian career.  I stayed with OSI until I retired last year. During my OSI career I was MA to the commander at Bergstrom AFB in Austin, Brooks AFB in San Antonio, and Finally at Randolph AFB, also in S.A. During Desert Storm I was called up, but didn't get to go to the desert...I spent my tour at Dyess AFB where I commanded the OSI Det. I missed the military flying, but when my flying low level light comes on, I've got a friend with a Mooney 20E who lets me fly it. My last day on active duty at Randolph was the 25 anniversary of the release of the POWs from Hanoi, and the first 141 to go into Hanoi was at Randolph. I flew as a co-pilot on that same a/c with a group of POWs from Hickam to Kelly 25 years earlier, and had a nice chat with the crew. It was a really neat way to end the career.