Many colorful patches were worn by the personnel based at Reese AFB.  Most common but also most significant are the permanent units that were activated at Reese AFB over the years.  More rare and transient were the UPT class patches worn by the students during their hectic and stressful year of pilot training.

Lee Humiston points out that UPT Class Patches are quite similar to aircraft nose art of WW II. They are the visual expression of brashness, bawdiness, humor, and spirit.  Aircraft nose art has returned since the late 80's.  Still, UPT class patches show the most graphic spirit of all Air Force symbols. 

All patch images are 'thumbnails'--click on any image to get a huge JPEG

64th FTW and Wing Level Patches
64th Operations Group
64th STUS / 41st FTS / 64th OSS
33rd FTS and flights
35th FTS        35th FTS Flights
54th FTS        54th FTS Flights
52nd FTS and flights
Other Base units

3500th Pilot Training Wing + 3501st STUS
3500th PTS and Flights
3501st PTS and Flights

Class Patches:
(*  and + mark images that have been donated)

    1968-1969 (7)
    1970-1974 (19)
(3)      1976 (6)      1977 (5)      1978 (8)    1979 (8)
(7)      1981 (8)      1982 (6)      1983 (7)     1984 (8)
(8)      1986 (8)      1987 (8)      1988 (8)    1989 (14)
(15)    1991 (18)     1992 (9)      1993 (7)     1994 (8)
(7)      1996 (9)      1997 (2)

This is now the home of the "Lee Humiston -- Reese Collection".  Lee has amassed the most significant ATC/AETC collection anywhere. It is his Reese collection that now resides here.   He publishes guides to all the UPT bases.  He has been a great resource to official Air Force Historians.  Incidentally, Lee amassed and then donated to the AF Academy the significant collection of Vietnam POW artifacts that is on display at the AF Academy.

Other students and collectors have generously donated images to this site as well.

Decoder ring:

c/e = cut edge          cb = cloth back (not gauze,plastic,felt)
r/e = rolled edge       fe = fully embroidered patch
pb = plastic back       twill = twill cloth background
gb = gauze back         mm measurements across round part of   
fb = felt back            patch         
TRR = Twill rises to right rough
TRM = Twill rises to right medium
TRS = Twill rises to right smooth