Class 52-H Reese Air Force Base

With the Korean War in progress, there was high demand for pilots. So pilot production at the training bases was brisk. I have discovered an interesting website at that covers the history, members, and reunions of Class 52-F, Class 52-G, and Class 52-H. The site is NOT "https" so your browser may prohibit you from visiting the site or you may have to click some "accept risk" buttons.

I purchased a Class 52-H yearbook on ebay. While scanning the images, and then researching some names on the internet, I discovered the website above (which also has yearbook scannings). You can view the essential images of the Class 52-H Yearbook (that I scanned) here
You can view and download a complete 39MB .pdf of the Reese 52-H Yearbook here. (Right-mouse-click to download)

The Yearbook I purchased belonged to Lt Edward L. Council. He passed away recently on February 7, 2021. In the yearbook was a letter from classmate Lt James M. Carlyle dated 1999. James Carlyle had been one of the spark-plugs for reunions and tracking down classmembers. Over the intervening years since that letter, many more classmates have "flown west".

As I've worked with this yearbook and its photos, I'm struck how all the young men look just like the young men who were my classmates in flight school thirty years later. I guess we all look the same in some ways--at a certain phase of life. I'm also amused how I think I still look like that when the mirror says otherwise.


Lt Jack Ables
Lt Allen D. Ackley
Lt Curtis E. Ackerlind Jr
Lt Aaron Adams
Capt William G. Adams
1st Lt Lloyd D. Adsit
Lt Melvin H. Anderson Jr
Lt Melvin A. Appel
Lt Theodoor G. Bader
Lt Stanley E. Bailey
Lt Fred D. Barnes
Lt John L. Beerman
Lt Otis W. Bergman
Lt Frederick J. Bertaccini
Lt Robert L. Blanchard
Lt Arnold J. Boedigheimer
Lt Bruce C. Bowden
Lt Walter J. Boyne
Lt John G. Brisson
1st Lt William E. Brennan II
Lt Harry L. Brown
Lt Verle R. Brown
Lt John R. Burch
Lt Robert G. Burrell
Lt Johnnie F. Callaway
Lt James M. Carlyle
1st Lt Robert R. Carr
Lt Richard E. Carnhan
Lt Charles C. Clanton
1st Lt Frank A. Clarvoe
Capt David B. Coleman
Lt Edward L. Council
Lt Glenn A. Cox
Lt Billy J. DeWeese
Lt Jere H. Dial
Lt Luby J. Doty
Capt Clarence J. Douglas Jr
Lt John A. Duncan
Lt Sanford F. Dunning
Lt Wilfed E. Ecklin
Lt Allen C. Edwards Jr
Lt Fred H. Edwards
Lt Grover L. Ensley
Lt Charles R. Ernst
Lt William R. Faulkner
Lt William K. Fawcett
Lt Vernon A. Finch
Lt Francis M. Fitzgibbons
Lt George H. Ford
Lt Thomas G. Garqiulo
Lt Adam Gaus
Lt John D. Gilbert
Lt Mark J. Gilkey
Lt John C. Gill
Lt Richard B. Goebel
Lt Richard C. Goins
Lt William W. Green
Lt Howard R. Hardt
Lt Joseph R. Harvey
Lt Marion R. Henderson
1st Lt William A. Hensen
Lt Herbert A. Horn
Lt Emory R. Howell
Lt Clifton E. Hyatt Jr
Lt Jack L. Hyslop
Lt William G. Justice Jr
Lt James L. Kane
Lt James M. Klatt
Lt Alen G. Krueger Jr
Lt Jimmie S. Lassetter
Lt Charles F. Leonard
Lt James J. Lindsay
Lt William L. Long
Lt Charles Ludwig
Capt Richard E. Lyons
Lt Robert W. Manning
Lt Roger F. Marquardt
Lt William D. Matter
Lt Ernst R. McCready
Lt Dan A. McLean
Lt Newton E. Meador III
Maj Winfred H. Meibohm
Lt Albert F. Merone
Lt Walter E. Milam
Lt George G. Moore III
Lt Virgil W. Moore
Lt Robert V. Morey
Lt William F. Morris Jr
Lt Billy L. Morrow
Lt Richard D. Munsch
Lt Don N. Nation
Lt Richard R. Nelson
Lt Lee P. Oliver
Lt Herbert J. Peck
Lt Warren D. Peele
Lt Wesley W. Pennington
Lt Jack A. Pevey
Capt Robert P. Phillips
Lt Fred P. Pierce
Lt Matthew F. Reardon III
Lt Donald R. Remaklus
Lt Paul T. Reavis
Lt Geoge C. Richards
Lt Edmon R. Ringman
Lt Edwin H. Robbins
Lt Richard H. Rogers
Lt Richard L. Russell
Lt Robert A. Russell
Lt Clyde K. Schneider
Lt Donald T. Schweitzer
Lt Jules A. Simandl
Lt Ralphp K. Smith Jr
Lt Gene L. Snyder
Lt Robert L. Sonke
Lt John R. Stewart Jr
Lt Ronald A. Stinson
Lt Joseph H. Stodder
Lt Doyle J. Taylor
Lt Eugene T. Taylor
Lt Roalnd F. Thomas
Lt Dale E. Thorp
Lt Francis T. Tiernan
Lt John K. Tofte
Lt Walter J. Trettien
Lt Theodore P. Trusk
Lt Thomas R. Tucker
Lt Jimmy O. Turner
Lt Kenneth R. Vaughn
Lt William M. Volz
Lt Robert L. Walker
Lt Ferdinand Walters
1st Lt Carter B. Ward
Lt Thomas H. Wegman
Lt Harold W. Wentz
Lt Dan C. West
Capt Gerald H. Widenhaus Sr
Lt Paul J. Williams
Lt Robert W. Willis
Lt Neil E. Wolf
Lt Richard C. B. Wright
Lt Carl L. Yonker

Old text from old page:

Class 52-H at Reese and several other pilot training bases started their time together even earlier than showing up at Reese. Most of the class began with basic military training (together) at other bases. As such, their time together as classmates was longer than just 52 or 55 weeks and their lifelong bonds of friendship are even stronger. 52-H was a large class and has reunions to this day.

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