Bruce Richardson's "Villes" Community Strip Collection

While collecting community strips of towns in Blackhawk Area Council and US Grant Council, I noted that many towns across the nation are named as "ville"s. Well, there are way more of them than I ever anticipated. As of May 10, 2023, I'm up to 830 total. That is 692 RWS (red) and 138 KRS+BGS+GBS. Always on the lookout for more.

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Villes A-Be Villes Be-Bo Villes Bo-Ca Villes Ca-Cl Villes Co-Cu Villes D Villes E-Fe Villes Fe-Ge Villes Gi-Gu Villes H-Hi Villes Ho-Jo Villes K-La Villes La-L Villes M_Mc Villes Mc-Mo Villes Mo_Ni Villes Ni-Pa Villes Pa-Po Villes Po-Ri Villes Ri-Sa Villes Sa-Sn Villes Sn_Th Villes Th_Wa Villes Wa-Z