Bruce Richardson's "Saints", "Mounts", "Falls", and "Oaks" Collection

While collecting city strips (community strips) of Blackhawk Area Council and US Grant Council towns, I noted that many towns, across the country, are named with "saints", "mounts", "falls", and "oaks". I also noted "villes" but that is a separate website. Sure, I've also been tempted to collect "city", "point", "township or twp" but I'm holding off because I don't need any more side collections. These are enough. With "saints" there are strips with saint spelled out but most are with the "st" abbreviation. Similarly with "mount" and "mt". "Falls" were the first side collection of city strips and "oaks" is the most recent.

As of January 28, 2023, the approximate count of strips:
Saints: 71
Mounts: 104
Falls: 84
Oaks: 72

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Saints 1 Saints 2


Mounts 1 Mounts 2 Mounts 3


Falls 1 Falls 2


Oaks Oaks 2