Bruce Richardson's Eagle Cave Collection

Near Muscoda, Wisconsin, there is a cave that is privately owned called Eagle Cave. Muscoda is pronounced "musk'-a-day". It has trails on the lands outside the cave and trails inside the cave. It has been a common activity (for over 50 years) for scout groups throughout the region to visit and get some hiking in as a minimum. Often, the scout groups camp inside the cave for a real treat. The Eagle Cave folks have produced and sold many patches over the years. Scouts like patches. The cave is called Eagle Cave Natural Park. Kelly xxx from southeast Wisconsin has a fine and more complete collection than what is displayed here.

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Activities at the cave and grounds.

Eagle Cave Activities Eagle Cave Activities

Cave Explorer

Probably for some in-cave activity.

Eagle Cave Explorer Eagle Cave Explorer


Short trails, 3 miles, and 10 miles. Perhaps see their website to learn more about the different trails.

Eagle Cave Trails Eagle Cave Trails Eagle Cave Trails Eagle Cave Trails

Backpatches and segments

I believe there are many year segments available.

Eagle Cave Backpatch and segments