Bruce Richardson's Canoe "Bases and Races" side-collection

Over the years of collecting Region 7 Canoe Base patches and things, I've come across many other canoe related things. For instance, there are many Scout Camps that have a division that catered to canoe trips and called this portion "Explorer Base". Grimes Canoe Base (Middle Tennessee) and Cole Canoe Base (Detroit area) come to mind. I think this side collection really started for me when I picked up things that had a design that either used all or portions of the Region 7 Canoe Base "crossed paddels, canoe, and pine tree" logo. So you will see a lot of crossed canoe paddles in this collection.

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Explorer Bases, Canoe Bases, Aquatic Bases, and High Adventure Bases. The word "base" is on most of these in this group. Memphis Area Council has an event called "Scout Base". I've included it but I don't believe it is High Adventure related.

Bases 1 Bases 2 Bases 3 Bases 4 Bases 5 Bases 6 Bases 7 Bases 8 Bases 9 Bases 9a Bases 9b Bases 9c


Voyageur Training at the Region 7 Canoe Base was legendary. It was intense. In 3 days, the unit representative sent to the base early for Voyageur Training would become a capable instructor of canoeing and camping "the Canoe Base way". I know that Topmiller Canoe Base has some Voyageur patches (both Charter and 1975). Not surprising, some of these examples shown here come from Indiana--which was in Region 7.



Here are some samples of Canoe Races. These are not necessarily scouting events. But many are.

Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5


Similar to races, these often had diverse canoe skills tested.

Derby 1 Derby 2

River Trails

Here, a specific river or trails or trails host is mentioned.

River Trails 1 River Trails 2

Trips and Expeditions

These are probably the neatest of the patches.

Trips 1 Trips 2 Trips 3 Trips 4 Trips 5


There are a variety here. Some more crossed paddle logos.

Misc 1 Misc 2 Misc 3

Red Green and Yellow

These really have not much to do with canoe races and bases but they have the same colors of the Region 7 Canoe Base patches.

Red Green Yellow 1


These are dupes that are available.

Dupes 1 Dupes 2