Reese AFB   Reese AFB Undergraduate Pilot Training     

Class 94-09
If you were in class 94-09, send along more info and I'll try to put you in touch with those from whom I've heard (William Crowden).

Section I

T-37 (D) Flight
T-38 (A) Flight

Capt Joseph Parish KC-135 March ARB
Michael Bouvier F-16 Burlington, VT (ANG)
William Brewer KC-135 Fairchild AFB
Miguel Diez Cantero F-5 Spain
William Cowden F-16 Fargo, ND (ANG)
David Efferson F-16 Ft. Worth, TX (USAFR)
David Gerhardt KC-10 Seymour Johnson AFB
Todd Hammonds C-141 McGuire AFB
Jenni Hill C-130 Pope AFB
Christopher Houseworth KC-135 McGuire AFB (ANG)
Daniel Marohn F-16 Ft. Wayne, IN (ANG)
Antonio Miralles Querol F-5 Spain
Jose R. Asensi Miralles F-5 Spain
Antonio Esteban Munoz F-5 Spain
George Pechin KC-135 Malmstrom AFB
Steven Plumhoff
*KIA circa 2000
UH-1 Hill AFB
James Pompano KC-135 McConnell AFB
Kelly Porter C-21 Langley AFB
James Potzauf C-17 Charleston AFB
Howard Redd F-15 Tyndall AFB
Michael Timbrook F-16 Toledo, OH (ANG)
Eric Vitosh KC-135Robins AFB
Patrick Webb KC-135 Knoxville, TN (ANG)
Evan Whitehouse C-26 Bradley, CT


19 out of 24 graduated
2 SIE'd in T-37
3 washout in T-38 1/3 of the T-38 class
0 washout in T-1
We were one of the initail SUPT classes and they were writing the syllabus as we were in training.