Class 90-11 at Reese Air Force Base

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I got a nice email from Art Coppage and he sent along the following roster. While I won't give out people's email addy's, contact me and I will forward your email to classmates of whom I have an email addy. At this time, that is just one. My understanding is that during these years, there was only one section per class.

35th FTS (T-37) _ Flight
54th FTS (T-38) _ Flight

Name Original Address Initial Assignment Capt John R. Swonson   2Lt Randall A. Bosket   2Lt Jesse M. Breedlove   2Lt Arthur T. Coppage   2Lt Phillip A. Csoros   2Lt Pillage R. Darcy   2Lt David R. Delk   2Lt Randal M. Fantas   2Lt Scott P. Federico   2Lt Joseph Ferraro   2Lt Vincent R. Franklin   2Lt Charles E. Justice   2Lt Eric W. Mann   2Lt Darryl L. Markowski   2Lt James P. O’Donnel   2Lt John C. Phillips   2Lt Luigi Reggio   2Lt John T. Russell   2Lt Richard P. Shelton   2Lt Christopher E. Solan   2Lt Roberto Vittori   2Lt Curtis D. Walker   2Lt Roger J. Witek