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Class 85-01
Reese UPT Class 85-01

Class 85-01 arrived on November xx, 1983. Many started arriving on Thanksgiving weekend. I recall going to Perkins with Bob Stack and Jerry Coombs for Thanksgiving right after we checked in at the BOQ. Well, our hectic year began days later.

Along the way we unfortunately lost great guys to washouts or washbacks like: Hahn, Johnny ???,

We gained into our class great guys like Mike Ryder, Tim McKilhenny, and Phil Carmena

Retained as FAIPs were: Butler, Dodson, Stack, Kyrouac, Richardson, Rhodes, Kinney, and Horton.

Both sections seemed to get along with their IP's pretty well. More pictures will follow below in time.

I need contact info for Mortell, VanDeVeere, Heinz, and several others.

Section I
Section II

T-37 B (Bulls) Flight
T-38 B (Buzzards) Flight

Front Row:
Jerry Coombs
Phil Carmena
Tom Thering
Bruce Richardson
Steve Rhodes
Dean Mertz
Dave Mortell

Middle Row:
Jon Lewis
Tom Sandberg
Steve Metheny
Frank Robinson (Class Ldr)
Mary VanDeVeere
Robby Kyrouac
Frank Reale

Back Row:
Karl Heinz
Paul Groven
Pete Schweyer
Dale Mancuso
Perry Butler
Bud Beaman
Mike Ryder
Jeff Hansen
Ned Shlesinger
George Hudyno

Tim McKilhenny

Reese UPT Class 85-01

T-37 D (Dawgs) Flight
T-38 F (Firebirds) Flight

John Kinney
John Dodson
Geoff Crewe
Bob Stack
Jim Horton
Jerry Kirby