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Class 84-01
Reese UPT Class 84-01

Denis James sent along a picture and some info--but corrections are needed.

If you were in class 84-01, send along more info and I'll try to put you in touch with those from whom I've heard.

Section I
Section II

T-37 C (Crusaders) Flight
T-38 B (Buzzards) Flight

Lee Lewis (not Mark Hurley?)
x Latimer/larimer?
Reid? Gooey
Cathy Wildhaber
Mike Dooley
Danny Johnson
Sean Bautista

Back Row (LtoR):

Ed Dirtiene
Walt? Mulder
x Wheaton
Ben Schladenhauffen
Rich? Greg? Dullum
Chris Rich
Denis James
Jeff? Seamon
? Goon?
Paul Smith
Phil Terrell

Not present:
Diane? Kowalski
Russ Wyant

Classmember for portion of training:
Jeff Matlock
Mike Neilon

Reese UPT Class 84-01

T-37 () Flight
T-38 () Flight