Class 77-08 at Reese Air Force Base

14 October 1976 to 22 September 1977

If you were in 77-08, I'd like to hear from you to gain information about Section II. I purchased a yearbook on ebay. This roster comes from the yearbook. It seems that this yearbook only covers Section I. In time, I hope to scan photos from the yearbook and include them on this page. Further, I hope to make a complete .pdf of the yearbook available for download.

Secton I
35th FTS (T-37) B Flight
54th FTS (T-38) C Flight

Name Original Address Initial Assignment Capt Lee Smith12807 Irongate Ave, Austin, TXA-10 Davis-Monthan 2 Lt Ken IrlandRF-4 Nebraska ANG 2 Lt John Rhoades2801 State Rd 580 Lot #92, Clearwater, FLT-37 Sheppard 2 Lt Hal Isenhoff216 71st SW, Grand Rapids, MIO-2 Michigan ANG 2 Lt Rick Caballero1614 Rosewood Dr, Abilene, TXB-52 Barksdale 2 Lt Dan Norman1200 Holden Ave #33, Orlando, FLC-141 McChord 2 Lt Dave Jackson21416 99th Ave S, Kent, WAKC-135 Plattsburg 2 Lt Dan WoodburyRt 4 Box 20, Gunnison, COC-141 McChord 2 Lt Casey Henkel1304 Hyman Ln, Austin, TXKC-135 Altus 2 Lt Rich Waldbusser113-14 Myrtle Ave, Richmond Hill, NYC-141 Charleston 2 Lt Clyde Romero2104-B Empire Pl, Gretna, LARF-101C Mississippi ANG 2 Lt Greg Rice912 Alice Dr, Thomasville, NCC-130 NC ANG 2 Lt Gary BarberBox 506, Cascade, COF-4 George 2 Lt Rich Long1416 S Elm, Denver, COKC-135 K.I. Sawyer 2 Lt Lin Riley4307 N Pottenger, Shawnee, OKKC-135 Plattsburg 2 Lt Dave Vandagriff4905 Outpost Dr, Spencer, OKC-130 Rhein Main 2 Lt Vic Simon2713 3rd, Lubbock, TXT-37 Columbus 2 Lt Bob GrosvenorReese AFB, TXT-38 Reese 2 Lt Jeff Todd7309 Onyx Dr SW, Tacoma, WAT-38 Reese 2 Lt Harrison FreerSilver Ln, Poughkeepsie, NYC-141 McGuire 2 Lt Steve Starks1123 Mill Spring, Dallas, TXA-7 Davis-Monthan 2 Lt Bob Kleinhans803 Brookhollow, Brownwood, TXT-37 Columbus

Secton II
35th FTS (T-37) ?E? Flight
54th FTS (T-38) ?H? Flight

Name Original Address Initial Assignment