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Class 77-08
Reese UPT Class 77-08
If you were in class 77-08, send along more info and I'll try to put you in touch with those from whom I've heard. The yearbook for this class seems to only cover Section I.

Section I
Section II

T-37 B (Bulls) Flight
T-38 C (Cobras) Flight

Capt Lee Smith   A-10 Davis-Monthan
Ken Irland   RF-4 Nebraska ANG
John Rhoades   T-37 Sheppard
Hal Isenhoff   O-2 Michigan ANG
Rick Caballero   B-52 Barksdale
Dan Norman   C-141 McChord
Dave Jackson   KC-135 Plattsburg
Dan Woodbury   C-141 McChord
Casey Henkel   KC-135 Altus
Rich Waldbusser   C-141 Charleston
Clyde Romero   RF-101C Mississippi ANG
Greg Rice   C-130 N.C. ANG
Gary Barber   F-4 George
Rich Long   KC-135 KI Sawyer
Lin Riley   KC-135 Plattsburg
Dave Vandagriff   C-130 Germany
Vic Simon   T-37 Columbus
Bob Grosvenor   T-38 Reese
Jeff Todd   T-38 Reese
Harrison Freer   C-141 McGuire
Steve Starks   A-7 Davis-Monthan
Bob Kleinhans   T-37 Columbus

T-37 E () Flight
T-38 H (Hawgs) Flight