Class 76-07 at Reese Air Force Base

Notice how small the classes are now in the post-Vietnam era. I purchased a yearbook on ebay. This roster comes from the yearbook. In time, I hope to scan photos from the yearbook and include them on this page. Further, I hope to make a complete .pdf of the yearbook available for download.

Secton I
35th FTS (T-37) B Flight
54th FTS (T-38) C Flight

Name Original Address Initial Assignment 2 Lt John HenniganT-38 Reese 2 Lt Bob AdkisonKC-135 Pease 2 Lt Scott ChristiansenC-130 Little Rock Lt Dag Falk-Petersen (Norway)F-5 Norway 2 Lt Tom HanrahanT-37 Reese Lt Jostein Houmstuen (Norway)F-5 Norway 2 Lt Paul HullA-7 Davis-Monthan 2 Lt Steve HunterC-141 McGuire Lt John Lunde (Norway)P-3B Norway 2 Lt Rich MallenKC-135 Mather 2 Lt Jeff MooreF-111 Nelis 2 Lt Rich OkunC-141 Norton 2 Lt Masood Aghdam (Iran)

Secton II
35th FTS (T-37) D Flight
54th FTS (T-38) G Flight

Name Original Address Initial Assignment Capt Mike CarruthF-4 MacDill 2 Lt Ted HaleF-111 Nellis 2 Lt Buzz HowardC-130 Dyess 2 Lt Randy LarsenT-38 Reese Lt Bjorn Larsson (Norway)P3 Norway 2 Lt Del LewisC-141 Travis 2 Lt Blaine NayC-141 Chrleston Lt Frode Nielsen (Norway)F-5 Norway 2 Lt Mark RabinowitzRF-4 Bergstrom 2 Lt Keith SnyderB-52 Wurtsmith 2 Lt Mansour Sadigl (Iran)