Reese AFB   Reese AFB Undergraduate Pilot Training     

Class 72-08
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Section I
Section II

T-37 A Flight 3501st PTS
T-38 B (Barracuda) Flight 3500th PTS

Capt Bill Dickson
Capt Woody Bergeron
Capt Rich Glorioso
1Lt Chuck Ramm
2Lt John Arellano
Roger Bailey
Tom Bain
Joe Berger
Lex Brown
Pat Coil
Paul Cubstead
Mickey Dougherty
John Denap
Ed Dressel
Steve Edmunds
Ron Hagood
Larry Hansen
Mike Hill
Rich Hitt
Tommy Hodges
Tom Julian
George LaFleur
Jim Layton
Sandy McLeod
Al McCracken
Ron Majerus
Tom Miller
Nader Moharram (Iran)
Erin Montgomery
Seid Mousavi (Iran)
Charlie Ott
Don Parks
Svend Roed (Denmark)
Tom Schlich
Randy Schulze
Stan Smartt
Wayne Smith
John Spudnick
Rick Talamo
Willard Tirey
Ludvig Tveit (Norway)
Tom Waylett
Wayne Whisenhunt
Gary White
Steve Wiggins
Gary Wood
Charlie Yates

T-37 E Flight 3501st PTS
T-38 F Flight 3500th PTS