Phil Parlett Auction Dec 2006

After Phil Parlett passed away, his amazing Scouting collection was auctioned off. Two wonderful results stemmed from that. First, proceeds benefitted Scouting and Camp Josepho. Secondly, his treasured items moved to other collectors collections where they remain equally treasured.

Before the auction, the collection was documented in an auction guide. Mail-in, and phone-in bids were accepted. After the auction, a "prices realized" guide was made available (for a small fee). Contact me and I'll put you in touch with Jeff Feldman who has the "prices realized".

Here are some pictures of the fun that was had while collectors appreciated Phil's amazing collection. The food was good, the venue perfect, and the event operation was pleasantly smooth.

Council Event Announcement

Help me identify those unidentified.

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  • Jeff Feldman starts off
    the live bidding on Saturday
  • Adam Lombard and
    Gary Christiansen
  • The room full of bidders
  • Dr Lynn Horne, Doug Bearce
    and Tom Gould
  • Bid-Off action!
  • One of the highlights was
    watching a youth "bid off".
  • Dean Klingler, Doug Bearce, and Alan O'Connor
  • Alburtus Hoogeveen and Jim Stevenson

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