Blackhawk Trail

image courtesy of ebay


LBT-25 NT                 

Note "-"
After Black           

LBT-10                       LBT-11                            LBT-12                              LBT-15
BLU TRM                  LBL TRR                        LBL TRR                           Silk
                                    BLU Water                     WHT Water

LBT-40                                                       LBT-45                               Segments for
TRM                                                            NT                                      Wintertime
Thinner Hair                                                Thicker Hair                       Travel on the
Thinner face outline                                     Thicker Face outline          Trail

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Neckerchief Slide

Image from ebay

Awarded to Stuart Conover of Troop 16 in 1941

Note on the front side that it appears as if a miniture scout symbol has been attached on top of an American Legion logo (perhaps).  Either it corrects an error by the caster of the arrowhead or perhaps sponsorship of the trail shifted to scouting.

In time, I will try to flesh out the different types of medals.  Chris Deering has a complete collection and can explain the differences to me.  To the left, you can see there is a bar across the back around which the ribbon attaches.  To the right is one that I earned in 1978.  For now I'm numbering them LBTM -1, LBTM-5, and LBTM-10.

Original pen and ink artwork most likely for a silkscreen