Naming Conventions

Naming conventions:

LBT-xx Any patch that has Blackhawk Trail on it

LPF-xx Any felt patch.  Primarily the 1940-1946 time frame.

LPP-xx Camp patches from the 1947-1976 time frame where no identifying year is visible.  This group covers the ubiquitous Red, black, white, Indian face patches.

LP-xx  Patches from the modern era (1976 and later) where either a year is indicated or a year can be assigned by those with memories.  In this case, a,b, and c will denote variations within a year between a 'trader patch' and an issued patch.  If needed, x,y, and z will denote slight variations among patches of the same type.

LAQ-xx Lowden Aquatic School and segments.

LAM-xx Amaquonsippi style staff patches

LFC-xx Firecrafters patches mentioning Camp Lowden

LBP-xx Any patch with any dimension greater than 4.5" will be listed as a Back Patch.

LBC-xx Any Blackhawk Area Council patch that has a Lowden/Chief Blackhawk theme.

LCD-xx Any Lowden patch with Cub and Dad or Cub Day on it.

LV-xx Any other patches mentioning Camp Lowden.  For instance weekend events.

LNC-xx Neckerchiefs

NT = No Twill
TRR = Twill rising to the Right Rough.  TRM and TRS for medium and small/smooth
gb = Gauze back
pb = Plastic back
c/e = cut edge
r/e = rolled edge (some call merrowing)

Predecessor Camps:
Delevan, Warner and Horton