LAQ-1                       LAQ-2                       LAQ-3                                                      LAQ-5

An Aquatics program was run at Camp Lowden during the years xxxx -xxxx.  This was not the National Camping School for Aquatic Directors.  This was a  program for boys.  There are black segments depicting aquatic specialties

LAM-10                                                 LAM-15
Smaller dots at bottom                           Larger dots at bottom
No stitched border to sun                       Stitched border on sun like LAM-20/25
Both LAM-10 and LAM-15 may have had button loops originally

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LAM-20                                                        LAM-25

TRM and TRS exist for both.  The Amaquonsippi style patches were for the staff.  Their use started in XXXX and continued till about 1972.  The Camp Lowden ones may have been pre-1960 or before there was consideration of making a patch universally useable at Northwoods.  The Blackhawk Area Council versions were used at Camp Lowden and at Northwoods.  All of the Staff were issued the Camp Staff patch and Camp Staff nametag.  The Camp Director and his other directors who attended National Camping School were issued Camp Leader patches and Camp Master nametags.

From a BAC Newspaper in May, 1950:


LFC-1                            LFC-5                            LFC-10

Firecrafters was a youth program within Scouting.  It was active during the years 1950 to 195x.  Camper denoted first year.  Woodsman denoted second year. Firecrafter denoted third year.  Note that it had requirements for completion of the award.