Camp Lowden Patches

The Camp Lowden website is officially sponsored by the camp and the Blackhawk Area Council.  Steve Sarver has created a site deep in history and broad in coverage.

This site on the other hand will only address the patches that are associated with Camp Lowden or the Blackhawk Trail.  Much of this content is borrowed with approval and appears on the official Camp Lowden website.

In the world of Scout Patch collecting, catalog numbers have been assigned to CSP's, OA Flaps, and High Adventure patches in order to make collecting easier.  Individual Scout Camps, although prolific patch producers over a 60 year period, rarely earn that level of interest or organization. 

In this site, I will depict those patches I have been able to acquire, or of images that have been graciously donated, and begin to assign a cataloguing scheme.  Where items are not from my personal collection, credit will be given.  You might say that this is all way too much trouble for such a small area of collecting.  Well, as in many hobbies, efforts are frequently labors of love.  Lee Binkley and Chris Deering have considerable Camp Lowden collections and have been valuable sources of information, sequencing, and history.

Most all images are "thumbnails" and will reveal a much larger JPEG image if the thumbnail is doubleclicked.

Last updated on 13 September 2003.  Added : pin84, Blackhawk Trail N/C/S, LAQ-2, LAQ-3, news-blip about Firecrafters, news-blip about Cub-Days, moved some previously undated patches to the Cub category, added new variety discovered LPP-4, added LP-02b and LP-03b (thanks Steve Sarver), added LBP-02, and added LP-90b that celebrated the 50th anniversary.  Still have 4 patches that need dating on the 91-02 page.

Source of donated images:
+ by images denotes Chris Deering    * by images denotes Steve Sarver

This site is UNOFFICIAL and is NOT in any way sponsored, condoned, or approved by Camp Lowden, Blackhawk Area Council, or the Boy Scouts of America.  It is solely the effort and interest of the Author who is available at .