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2004 Staff Reunion--a Success!!
Staff Reunion 2004
We had a great time. Attendance was good.
Canoe Base staffers convened in Reunion in Boulder Junction and on White Sand Lake on August 13-15th, 2004. What a GREAT time!

After many years removed from our time at the Canoe Base in our youth, it was time to retouch the friendships and memories that we built all those years ago. Those formative summers helped shape the people we are today.

Thursday night, the event opened with a reception at JJ's Pub in downtown BJ. We filled the place up!

Friday was fairly relaxed with plenty of time for people to talk, walk the grounds, and even canoe the Voyageur Circle or White Sand Creek. Dinners on Friday night were primarily at Headwaters for Fish Fry, Guides Inn, and Little Bohemia. Friday culminated in a wonderful campfire that started with a beautiful sunset; continued with songs, funny stories, and Loons calling back to us; and ended with some good sentiments on how to remember the Canoe Base wherever you are when you find the North Star.

Saturday morning, David Baltes (ESFC 63-64), led us on a walking tour of Eagle Scout Forestry Camp. He has researched the history of the camp and, having worked there, could bring it to life for us by describing the activities and where the different buildings stood. It was a beautiful walk. The afternon, again, allowed time for visiting, playing on the beach, and canoeing. We took big group photos at 4pm. At 7pm, we began a delicious banquet dinner in the old dance hall portion of Shrimp's--now known as A-1 Sports Bar. Several people spoke touching on some of the deeper life-impacts of the Canoe Base Experience. We finished with a slideshow of many images from 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's.

CD's will be available of reunion photos submitted by many photographers. Plus, CD's will be available that combine many of the photos submitted covering the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. The CD's may take up to six months to generate. But in the meantime, reunion photos will be posted here. Further, Reunion sentiments and comments will be added here as they are received.