The Story of ESFC
(From 1946 Brochure)

The camp will have its seventeenth birthday this coming August. E.S.F.C., rich in tradition, has contributed much to the preservation and welfare of Nature's gifts to Northern Wisconsin.

For the camp site, the shores of Lost Canoe were selected.  In scenic beauty this 294 acre lake with its wooded banks is outstanding.

The clear blue waters of Lost Canoe are fine for swimming.  Fishermen like it for its Black Bass and other pan fish.  Muskie lakes are nearby.  Canoes and boats available.

Good wholesome food and plenty of it is served.  A camp cook prepares tasty meals which are served in the lodge.

The Frank Long lodge is the only permanent building.  Here meals are served and the campers gather in the evening for stories, letter writing, and chess.  The Lodge was named after an old ranger who helped to build the camp.

Eight comfortable, substantial tents with screens and wood floors are erected each season.  They are named Smudge Pot, Skunk Hollow, Casa Grande, Hub, etc.  Four bunks to a tent are provided.

Adventurous canoe trips in wild rugged country can be planned.  For hiking there are Indian trails that cover hundreds of acres.

Deer, porcupines, loons, eagles and bears in their habitat are seen.  A wide variety of trees and plants are found in this north country.

Eagle Scout Forestry Camp boasts of an enviable health and safety record.  Campers are given exceptional freedom with only such restrictions as are necessary for maintaining good camping standards.

Catholic Scouts are taken to Boulder Junction for church services.  Protestant services are held in the camp Lodge.

A two week vacation for only $3.25:  This is made possible by a special arrangement with the Conservation Department of Wisconsin.

Weekday mornings are assigned to forestry work under the supervision of the Conservation Department.  Scouts engage in such work as nursery weeding, road building, bridge repairing, and perhaps fire fighting.  The balance of the day is free for recreation.

Each Scout works for his board in this way.  Except for an entrance fee of $3.25 and his transportation costs, all his vacation expenses, food and lodging, are paid for by his services.

What to Expect at ESFC:

It's an old camp tradition that if any camper receives three or more letters in one day, he is thrown into the lake, clothes and all--so be on your guard.

August is fire season in the north woods.  Often E.S.F.C. scouts are called for fire fighting.  Instructions on fire fighting, visits to lookout towers and weather stations are part of camp routine.

Kangaroo Court is held daily.  This is a mock trial with plaintiffs, defendants, lawyers, witnesses and judges in which "justice" is meted to all.

Play "Let 'er Fly" -- a fast moving game which you will not forget.

You will meet scouts from all of Wisconsin.  Last year's campers came from New Holstein, Stevens Point, Fond du Lac, Milwaukee, West Bend, Black Earth, La Crosse, Janesville, Racine, Kenosha, Marshfield, Sheboygan, Kaukauna, Wisconsin Rapids, Wausau, Portage, Viroqua, Rothschild, Wauwatosa, Fox Lake, Merrill, and Madison.

To Go To ESFC You Must Have These Qualifications:

1. Be an Eagle Scout in good standing.
2. Be a resident of Wisconsin.
3. Be 16 years of age or older.
4. Weigh 120 pounds or more.

If you pass these qualifications then use the forms provided and:
1. Properly answer all questions.
2. Secure your parents approval
3. Secure your medical examination
4. Secure your Scout Executive's approval
5. Secure, if necessary, a work permit from the Industrial Commission
6. Mail the forms with $3.25 to the Camp's Business Manager (see page 12)
7. Wait for your approval notice.

Special Note:   Camp facilities will accommodate only 32 men in each period. 

Work Coordinator:
Mr. M.J. Cernahan has been with the camp for over 15 years.  He has been an active Scouter for years, and is a World War I Veteran.  His legendary "tall stories" are of interest to all campers.