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1981 Photos and Memories
Staff 81

Front Row: Bob Kreider, Jill Whyte, Randy Schneider, Mitch Glock, Shawn Fetter, Kevin Hickson, Scott Goodman, Steve Novak, David Schaeffer.

Middle Row: Ruth Dutcher, Brian Daum, Todd Wittlief, Matt Sneller, Jennifer Fahnestock, Bill Flexman, Mrs. Bill Flexman, Sue Hancock, Marty Hancock, Gary Goodman, Ron Brom, Robb Flexman, Dick Dutcher

Back Row: Tim Loose, Dann Henseler, Chris Jacisin, Jeff Laubenstein, Tom Bang, Phil Klocek, Eva Rodenstam, Mike Hackbarth, Kyle Witty, Matt Farmer, Eric Nielsen, Jim Rogers, Bruce Richardson, Bob Black, Gerry Dashnier, Dan Sneller

Driving County K:

Chris Jacisin remembers: "I recall the day in 81 that a gent named Dan Sneller tried to take a curve on K at a certain speed and instead blew three tires. It was his own personal vehicle (station wagon if I recall) and when it was towed it they discovered the tires had not blown but had simply come off the rim. Estimated speed to cause that was 85 mph... sideways.

I also recall watching Eric Nielsen, also in 81, (before I had a drivers license) drive hwy K at night with no headlights by watching the break in the trees.

Best driver at the base from 1980 - 1983 was, by far, Randy Schneider. He had the perfect balance of bravery and creativity. Speed was not important to him but where you could go. I have met people that think that four wheeling means driving across their lawn. Randy introduced me to driving over small trees and how to judge if an incline was "too inclined". I once told him that I was not afraid while driving with him. The intention was to compliment him on his control of a vehicle. I think he misinterpreted it as "not scary enough" and for the next few weeks I had to white knuckle the dash board. I regretted my poor choice of words.

Again, this was all before I had a driver license. I am grateful to be here. And grateful to have experienced all of that."

Bruce Richardson remembers: "I was taught by the master--Tim Loose--to work on how to have the highest "minimum speed" on Highway K on the way back to the base. I recall that the rules were to maintain the highest minimum speed from the start of the curvy part to the "rest area" on White Sand Lake. After all, one had to slow down for the turn on to the base road. I recall Eric Nielsen also discussing the fine points of this challenge. Well, I'm pretty sure I had a 55 minimum a couple of times. I think the record was 60mph minimum--possibly held by Tim. Not sure if I ever equaled that feat. Oh sure, it would be very bad to be seen by other vehicles considering the listing and rocking the vehicles were sure to be displaying. So if another vehicle was detected, the brakes were quickly applied and this effort at a new "land speed record" would have to be abandoned. Puts a smile on my face thinking about this--but thank goodness nobody got hurt. Ahhhh, fearless youth!"