Jim Stevenson, formerly of Illinois but now of Texas writes:  "In 1953 I was an Assistant Scoutmaster at the National Jamboree after serving a few weeks on the staff of my council camp. When I returned, I went to the Region 7 office at 9 West Washington St. in Chicago and inquired if any council had need for a staff member for the month of August. They had a position open at the Region 7 Canoe Base and I took it.

My job was to organize and supervise the re-roofing of the barn and the old barracks buildings. For crew, I had Voyageurs who had finished their training and were awaiting the arrival of their contingents. When I had no crew, I assisted various other departments.

"Skipper" Juncker was the director. Without digging into old boxed up files, the only other staff member I now remember was Jack Weintraub who, like me, later became a professional.

The name Ernie Schmidt caught my eye. He was Scout Executive of my council in the early 1940's (Chief Shabbona Council). My older brother, Malcolm, was one of a crew that worked with Ernie at the Canoe Base site prior to its opening--clearing portages, campsites, etc.

More memories: While I was there on staff, the Region was running Woodbadge courses at the base. Don Tiesburg and Frank Preston were heading them for the Region. They ran an Explorer Woodbadge course. This was a very short-lived course because in 1956 the whole Explorer program was changed and Woodbadge for it was dropped.

I took my Woodbadge at the Canoe Base in 1957. USA course 76--they didn't number them by region in those days.

In 1952 I had gone with a council contingent to the base--We traveled the Trout Lake Circle route. In 1954, I lead a council contingent to the Base."

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