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Class 75-04
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Section I
Section II

T-37 A () Flight
T-38 D (Dogs) Flight

Capt Andrew Andy Medler
Capt Laird Johnson
Rich Angerer
Robert Bob Brand
Thomas Tom Brown
Leon Casavbon
Dannie Dan Casley
Ronald Ron Fuccillo
Robert Bob Hall
Glyn Martin
William Bill McClain
Gary Nelson Robert Bob Plaag
Ronald Ron Ransom
John Sand
Stewart Stu Thompson
Kenneth Ken Trammel
Danny Dan Williams
John Wright

T-37 E () Flight
T-38 H (Hawgs) Flight

Capt Dale Fiala
Capt Thomas Tom Sullivan
1Lt James Jim Melin
Michael Mike Chase
Ralph Demeritt
Wayne Erickson
Gregory Greg Fonner
William Bill Fox
Thomas Tom Korthals
Paul Neagle
Paul Niedner
Robert Bob Newman
Edward Pearce
Dennis Royer
Robert Bob Starr
Bruce Taylor
Carleton Carl Walker
Craig Warner
Keith Witt
Mohammad Jadidi (Iran)