WRØI/R Rove Plans

Mel Graves, WRØI/R will be activating many grids in Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.



I think I will start Sat. at the 4 corners of EM06,EM16,EM07,EM17 then go south to EM05 andEM15.  If time permits I will try for EM04, EM14.  I do plan on EM25, EM26, EM27 and then back to EM17 Sat evening.

Sunday looks like EM18, EM19, EN10, EN11, EN21, EN20. EM29, EM28.

I should have something on all bands through 3456.

With this type of schedule, I will not be in any one grid for long, but if there is activity I'll sit tight and work all I can and give up going to additional grids for the run.

It looks like all grids in KS will be covered by rovers except for DM97.

73's Mel Graves WR0I/R




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