W9FZ/R roves for Midwest Mania!!!

© 2010 Bruce Richardson W9FZ

                                             Midwest Mania--VHF from 92nd to 102nd Meridians

I'll make some calls on the call freqs. Reverse VUCC/r program for CSVHFS motivates me to activate new grids.


My Route on Google Maps (pre-planned spots)




DM98aw   1800Z - 2000Z

DM99aa 2030Z - 2230Z

DM89xa  2300Z - 0100Z Mt Sunflower

DM88wx   0130Z - 0400Z



DN80va  1200Z - 1330Z

DN90fd  1430Z - 1600Z

DN81xf  1730Z - 1930Z

DN91be 2000Z - 2200Z

DN82xa 2300Z - 0100Z

DN92ca 0130Z - 0300Z


6m  Dipole and brick

2m  Jr Boomer and brick

222  Jr Boomer and brick

432  22 ele and 100w brick

903  Looper and 100w

1296  22 ele KLM and 50w

2304  Looper and 6w

10G  18" dish and 2w 

Hopefully CQ'ing on 144.240 as much as possible. I'll check the calling frequency if necessary. Please find me on 144.240--spin that dial!!!  I'll carry you to .140 on most of the other bands.  On 6m something like .190 or so.


If sigs are weak, let's do CW!!  I'll go as slow as we need to in order to complete the Q! 


(I'm VERY glad to share my operating locations that I found in previous years for the 98th and 94th Meridians.)

94th Meridian from 2010:  http://g.co/maps/vpc3





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