KK6MC/R Roves Kansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico

(See Jim Duffey KK6MC/R in this YouTube video (in HD!))  


Bruce - Here is my itinerary for Midwestmania! III. Times subject to activity of course. - Duffey KK6MC


Saturday September 10, 2011

1800Z - 1900Z     EM19

1915Z – 2015Z    EM09

2030Z - 2130Z     EM08

2145 – 2245Z      EM18


2245Z – 0145Z On the move to EM17 through EM08, EM18, EM17, EM07 will monitor 144.2 MHz and 50.125 MHz in motion. Will stop when I hear activity or if you need the grid. Just holler.


0145Z – 0215Z    EM17

0230Z -  0300Z    EM07

0315Z – 0345Z    EM06

0400Z – 0430Z    EM16

Then to Em06 for the night


Sunday September 9, 2011

1300Z on the road from EM06

1430Z EM05

1515Z on the road

1615Z DM95

1700Z on the road

1900Z DM85

1945Z on the road

2145Z DM84

2200Z on the road

2245Z DM75

2315Z on the road

0000Z DM74

0030Z on the road to DM65, but will pass through both DM74 and DM75. I can make deviations if these grids are required.

0200Z DM65 Home




100W 6M 2 element PAR Moxon

100W 2M 6 element WA5VJB

XV222 to KLM amp 100W 1.35M to WA5VJB

50W 0.7M to 10 element WA5VJB

10W 0.23m To 10 Element WA5VJB  



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