KAØKCI/R Rove Plans

Howdy All -

I have 100W on 6m - 100W on 2M - 25W on 222 - 25W on 432 - All into Horizontal Omnis. Next I have 60W on 902 - 10W on 1296 - 30W on 2304 - 1W on 3456 - All into Loop Yagis. I rarely fail to work stations out to 225 miles mobile and fixed on the 7 lower bands.

I plan to go down and spend some time at the KB0HH bunkhouse with Gary - fix a few things - check equipment - especially the 3456 systems - we have had some trouble - I think it is fixed. We want 5 grids on 3456 so I will start the contest at the EM06-07-16-17 grid corner - all 8 bands -- and then head north to try EM08-18. Then I will head north to EM09 where I will stay the night at my nephew's farm - about 20 miles southwest of N0LL.

Sunday morning - I plan to check EM09 again - then head north into EN00 - maybe a four corners - then east into EN10 and EM19 ---- then east to the EN20 and EM29 grid line. Then I may head south back towards looking at EM18 or EM28 and back to EM17.

I have added a bunch of Kansas hams email addresses to the group - that may very well be on and looking for you.

Tommy Henderson is interested in working a 2304 station in Colorado from EM26 Tulsa, Ok.

Please lets us all know what you have for power and antennas so we can adjust our plans as best we can.

I hope to give Tommy Henderson - WD5AGO - EM26 (Northeast Tulsa, OK) a 2304 contact from Nebraska - about 300 miles. I have already worked him 225 miles by both CW and SSB at about 16:30 CDT at 90 degrees temperature. 

My schedule has never been solid - depends on everything - weather - propagation - gas - bathroom - food - etc.

REMEMBER - In life - as in Baseball - It is the number of time you reach Home - Safely - that counts -


Dave Powers - KA0KCI/R


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