K9JK/R   Northern Missouri and Illinois


John, K9JK, and Mike, WB8BZK will be activating many grids and you'll want to work 'em.

Limited Rover ABCD


The plan is to start by the EM26/27/36/37 Grid Corner just E of Joplin - EM27 first, then EM26, EM36 and mobile in EM37 (though may stop briefly near the corner in EM37 before heading off to the NE, especially if the two Joplin area stations, N0MST and W0JRP, are on and we can work them). Next will be SE corner of EM38, up NW of Rolla but may also make a brief stop in EM37, NE corner, since we'll be near the border). EM47 is next, still by Rolla. The we'll be driving in EM48, stopping near St. Louis (probably Illinois side) for the night. Sunday morning will bring us to the EM48/49/58/59 Grid Corner NE of St. Louis which may still be of interest to Midwest Division stations. Sunday continues in Illinois, not totally sure of route/schedule but generally N/NE toward Chicago and with stops along the way.


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