WQ0P sends along:

"I go to a remote location and operate from a generator, and will have three different antenna structures.... sounds fancy, but being a single op the only thing I get help with is standing up some of the antenna structures and that is more for safety then anything else."


"As of right now everything looks like a go.  I will be on the following bands

50 at 100W with 5 ele

144 as 100W with 17 ele

222 with 25W and 15 ele

432 with 50W with 19ele

902 with 50W and 33 loops

1296 with 10w and 2X45 loops


SSB preamps on 144, 432, and 1296.  I can now hear better then I can TX on 432 and 1296!!!


I will be in EM19WF 

I will have no internet.

Gud luck and hope to work you a bunch!!!!

cul Greg"


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