WD5AGO  Portable in EM26 QRO


Depends on the heat if we are out for very long.  We op'd the June VHF QSO QRP to what I think is my highest score in any category for me in the past 25 years.

No QRP this time... We will be on 50, 144, 432, 1296 (200W) , and 2304 (75W and 80 elements).  So our focus is most on 2304 new states (NE, CO, NM, LA for starters)  .  Location will be portable hill top EM26 in Broken Arrow.  We have 5760 but will only take out if we have  a sked with some one (2W)

We will set up at start then go back in the evening then early Sunday morning then Sunday evening (about 1 hour blocks) unless I get word of some good prop on the higher bands.


Tommy WD5AGO


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