KK6MC/R Roves South Dakota, Minnesota, and Nebraska

Just posted Duffy's tentative schedule below!

Duffey, KK6MC/R plans to come "home" for a new roving adventure.

(See Jim Duffey KK6MC/R in this YouTube video (in HD!))  


ABCDE  100 watts and short yagi's on all bands except 1296 which is 10 watts.  CQ'ing on 144.200 and 50.125

I have gotten a replacement car for the Subaru that was destroyed in a fire after the UHF contest. It is a 2006 Honda CR-V and has lots of room for a station. I have managed to get most of the things needed to rove up and going again, so I should be in the September contest this coming weekend.


I am in Hastings NE at my father-in-law's and will go to Brookings SD today to see my dad, WA0OML. The trip so far was marred by a flat tire which damaged the tire's sidewall, so I hope that is the limit to problems on this trip. But I do need to get a new tire.


I will start the Contest in EN14, then go north to hit EN15, EN16, then east to hit EN26, then south again to EN25, and EN24. Then back to EN14. On Sunday, I will return to Hastings NE, starting in EN14, going to EN13, EN12, EN11, EN10 and EN00. If there is enough time, I may hit EM09


Virginia will not be with me on the rove, at least on saturday, and I am not sure I can get someone else to drive, so I may do all this on my own. It is the shakedown tour for the new rover, so I expect a few problems. Look for me.


This is new territory for me to rove in and if anyone at NLRS has some tips, or knows of good spots to stop along my route, let me know. Thanks - Duffey


Here is my tentative schedule:

Depart Brookings at 1800Z

1800Z -1930Z EN14

1930Z to 2115 EN15

2115Z to 2245Z EN16

2245Z to 2345Z EN26

2345Z to 0130Z EN25

0130Z to 0215Z EN24

0215Z to 0330Z EN14

This will put me back at Brookings for the night.

Starting out in the morning:

1300Z to 1345Z EN14

1345Z to 1545Z EN13

1545Z to 1730Z EN12

1730Z to 1815Z EN11

1815Z to 1915Z EN10

2015Z to 2145Z EN00

Hastings is my destination here. I may spend the night here, or move on.  It depends

on how things are going. If I go on, I will activate EM09, perhaps EM08. but that

will be pushing it.

I will have 5 bands, 6M, 2M, 1.35M, 0.7M and 0.23M, with 100 W to a 2 element Moxon

on 6M, 100 W to a 6 element WA5VJB on 2, 100 Watts to a 6 element WA5VJB on 222 MHz,

50 Watts to an 11 element WA5VJB on 432MHz, and 10 Watts to  a 10 element on 1296


The usual caveats about rover schedules apply. I may be behind or ahead of schedule,

but if you work me, you will have a good idea of where I will be next. Listen for

the weak ones. - Duffey



James Duffey

/zero in Brookings SD






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