KAØKCI/R Rove Plans

Dave Powers, KAØKCI/R will be activating many grids in Kansas. Dave will post his itinerary and details here:


My plans are :

on Saturday at start of contest to be at the EM06-07-16-17 at Manchester OK - close to Gary. Then I plan to head north from EM07 on Kansas Hwy 14 to Arlington, KS - then west on Hwy 50 to Hwy 281 - North to Great Bend, KS - then up Hwy 281 to EM09 north of Russell - through Osborne - with plans to stay overnight at my nephew's farm in EM09. 

Early Sunday morning, I may work a few stations from EM09, but my intention is to head West - probably on Ks Hwy 24 - then south to Wakeeny, Ks and a few mile west to DM99 -

I will decide Sunday morning depending on conditions and stations worked - which way to go from there.

If conditions are good - I might try to go North to DN90 - then head back East along the Ks-Ne state line - into EN00 and EN10 - then South on Hwy 81 back to EM19 - EM18 then EM17 to Wichita and home.

If conditions aren't so good Sunday -

I will probaly head south into DM98 - DM97 at Dodge City and east through EM07 and back to EM17 - Wichita, and home.

OR - head back into EM09 then back into EM08 - thru Great Bend - and work my way the the EM07-08-17-18 grid corner just Southwest of Hutchinson KS - then into EM17 and home to Wichita, KS

IF problems arise along the way - I have places to work on things at

Gary Gerber KB0HH - EM06

My brother's - in Great Bend - EM08

My Nephew's - in EM09

That's all I know - I did some work on my rover in preparation for the ARRL August UHF contest -

I will have 50 Mhz through 2304 - roving -



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